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15 useful 3D printing ideas that make your life easier

by Annie Yang 17 May 2019 6 Comments


In the near future,3d printer will be as essential tool as having a smartphone in home. Unlike other technology, 3d printer can actually create some creative objects to decorate your house, or it can even make your life easier and better by making some useful tools. Let's take a glimpse into the things you can 3d print to upgrade your home.

1.Measuring cup

Measuring cups are essential for the exact science of baking, but they always disappear after a few months when you need them, especially if you live with roommates. Luckily, it has hordes of them in different shapes and sizes for you to print.

 Measuring cups

 2.Smartphone Stand

This simple stand fits a myriad of phone sizes.Some experienced user has tested it, and you can find it from Thingiverse. There is no surprise that it was designed by 3d printing hero Sonia Verdu. you can plug it to a charger while on the stand, and even hang the stand on a wall, you do not need to spend money on stand anymore.

smartphone stand

3.Citrus Juicer

This is one of little kitchen tools that will make life easier. Once you printed, please make sure you clean it and scrub it carefully, after all, it is touching your food directly.

 Citrus juicer

4.Voronoi Mushroom Lamp

You do not have to spend bucks to get this colorful lamp in your house. Color the Voronoi mushroom lamp in whichever shade you want, and just put it in a regular LED bulb. Perfect tools for decorating your master room with a limited budget by printing this model out.

mushroom lamp

 5.Pen Holder

Sort your utensils out and give them a unique display, plus, you can assort them by size that you do not need to suffer for searching a pencil in a crowed pencil box. You can also customize the appearance by changing the color when printing.

 Pen holder

6.Squirrel Chess

Playing squirrel chess game will be a great option for your leisure time, you can print these squirrel in any color you want, your child will love these cute squirrel anyway, have a great time with your family!

 squirrel chess

7.Ice Scraper-Car Windshield Scraper

If you are living in a place that regularly freezes over, then a windshield scraper will be an essential tool for you. The beauty of rolling around with a 3d printed one is that, if you lose or break it, you can just print another one at any time you want.

 ice scraper

8.Lego piece

When was the last time that you played with Legos? Are you lacking some important piece to build your millennium falcon? Do not worry, these LEGO work great with official LEGO.

 lego piece

9.Wire Holders

Wires can get messy easily if you have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, speaker on one table, and you find out that you do not even have room to place a mug, then I think it's time to 3d print a wire holder to keep everything looks tidy and clean.

 usb wire holder

10.Earbud Holder

Sometimes, it is a bit troublesome to put your wired earbuds on your pocket. They always come out tangled and you must have the patience to untangle them. Now, you can simply 3d print own holder and get rid of this problem.

 Earbud holder

11.Office cubicle hook

Working at your own cubicle may limit the amount of space and storage around you. In this case, An office cubical hook for hanging coats and backpacks will help you solve this issue,it snaps on tight and holds secure.

 cubical hook


It is not easy to find the perfect vase no matter through internet or retail shop. with a 3d printer, you can design any size and shape you want, it is time to decorate your house now.


13.Storage Boxes

You really want to throw something out when you see a mess in a corner, but keeping these things tidy is what you really want to do. You can 3d print a storage box to keep your mind at ease that everything is in the right place. The containers can be easily moved between boxes and rearranged to make any combination of storage sizes.

 storage container

14.Selfie Stick

This is a must-have tool if you love selfie. A selfie can be a long-lasting memory that you can look upon at any point in your life. It has different designs out there that suited for your mobile, tablet or camera.

 selfie stick

15.Automated Dog Feeder

This is a treat feed that designed to feed a dog a Dentastix treat after every meal. please keep in mind, this project is NOT FOR BEGINNER as it is only for someone who is comfortable with electronics, programming, and machine shop tools.

 automated dog feeder


I believe there are much more interesting and useful 3d printing model on the market, all you need to do is just spread your imagination. Please share your unique design model on the comment below if you have some interesting ideas. 

PS: All Images Copyright Their Respective Owners.

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26 Jul 2021 Lucas

how do I find the “2” (smartphone stand)? I click on the link in the post and don’t work. Thank you for the help and sorry for my english, I am from Brazil.

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