Top 10 must have accessory for 3d printer


Sometimes, success comes from perfect preparation. To Create an awesome 3d printing project, you need an excellent 3d printer for sure, but also some accessory as well. Having the right tools can make a significant difference.

Sometimes, things may break, and even if they do not, they usually can be fixed. Or some unexpected situation occurs such as lacking filament, or your prints got stuck to the bed, etc. 

In this article, I am going to show you top 10 3D printer accessories you must have that make your 3d printing journey much more comfortable or even bring your printer to a higher level. These tools usually are cost-effective, you can purchase them all at one time if your budget is allowed.

1.Extra Filament and storage container

sovol filament

A bunch of filament can last you a while, but just like any creator, you always need extra filament on hand in case of lacking filament during printing.

The filament storage container does more than provide a simple container where you can organize your extra filaments. The container is transparent so you can quickly identify and pick out the filament you need to use, and it is designed to stack with each other to keep your workplace neat.

2.Nozzle Cleaning Kit

Nozzel cleaning kit

The extruder nozzle can easily get clogged with melted plastic if you use printer repeated. As Nozzle can be very delicate, cleaning them will not be an easy task. For this purpose, a nozzle cleaning kit will need; you can insert the bit from the kit and twist to clean it up, make sure your cleaning kit has the varying size that you will be able to clean even the smallest nozzle. 

3.Heated Bed Tempered Borosilicate Glass Plate

glass plate

It is not a heated bed, it is a tempered silicon glass with high transparency. The glass has a smooth surface with ground round sides that you would not find sharp edges. It makes your printing platform flat enough to ensure glossy prints. 



A good pair of pliers will allow you to get into those small nooks and crannies in your printer while providing a good, secure grip. You can use them to remove jams in the extruder, to install new filaments, filament cutting and remove prints that get stuck on the beds. 

5.Digital Caliper

Digital Caliber

This is a must-have tool for those very detail-oriented 3d printmakers. It enables you to make 3d parts in highly precise and accurate measurements. It also allows you to check the accuracy of size of your print that compared to the dimensions in the CAD Model. 



Tweezers are not only used for post-processing finishing of your print, but they can also be used for fiddling and adjusting the finer components of your 3d printer. For outstanding and high precision adjustments in your 3d printer or items, tweezers performs a fantastic role and usually offer a quite good and cheap solution. 



As most 3d printer can only print small models due to their size limit, so an adhesive will be necessary to combine two micro-components to form it into larger products. 

With all its possible applications, you should mind that different adhesive is suited for various tasks. For example, Thick glue will be better for filling in gaps, while thinner glue will be suited for combining two separate components. 

8.3D Print Removal Tools

3d print removal tool

No matter you are a beginner or a pro in 3d printing, this 3d print removal tool is an essential accessory in your toolkit. It is inevitable that your model would stick to the bed. Sometimes, if they get stuck, it would be a stressful and frustrating experience to remove it from the bed. 

9.Assorted grit sandpaper


A set of sandpapers with different grits will help you smooth the surface and polishing your printing objects. It should be noted that you should stick with a well-known brand, with cheaper options, they will wear down much quicker and cost much more in long term. 

10.Laser Thermometer

laser temperature

This will be a great accessory to keep if you use 3d printer around children. Use this tool to check temperatures to learn then the dangers of touching,not only that, but if any faults occur within printer, you can cross-match the heat with the display and potentially find the cause of the problem. 


These ten accessories are all aim to help 3d printing process easier and enjoyable. Besides the cost of the 3d printer itself, these can be suitable investments that contribute to prolonging its life. Of course, there are more accessories you can use on the market, it depends on your primary purpose of 3d printer. If you have any other great tools to recommend, you are welcome to leave the comment below.

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