Sovol Thanksgiving Giveaway 2021

Update of the Winner list on Nov. 1st:
Who are the winners of the SV03, filament dryers, and the coupons in the Thanksgiving Giveaway? Congratulations to the winners below🎉👏 Have a look at the thanksgiving stories in the video🥰
🎈Winner List:
🏆No.1*1 SV03: Gaurav Gulati
🎊No.2*2 Dual Filament Dryer:
Titans_Revenge@titangamingTTV (on Twitte*)
Frieze Frame Daniel Orr
🎁No.3*7: $10 Coupon:
Shayla Anthony
Chad Lalande@Windbane76(on Twitte*)
Chris Fraser @defrisselle(on Twitte*)
Kevin Adkins
We read through the posts and found many people give thanks to their parents, friends, kids or even strangers who support their 3dprint hobby, accompany or help them to go through difficulties. We are glad to see there are also posts giving thanks to the medician staff who help them when covid come to visit.
It's not an easy year for all of us with the covid-19. Thank you all for sharing your Thanksgiving stories with us which make us warm.❤️
Please email to claim your prizes.
We will try to apply more gifts and let more people win. Stay tuned for the coming Christmas Giveaway😉
It's the connection between people that makes us happy in the world. However, the Covid-19 which enforces us to keep a safe distance with others, makes 2021 a hard year to many people.  
Under this circumstance, spreading the emotional stories to make our life warmer even with the difficulties is really meaningful. With this purpose, we start the #sovolthanksgiving Giveaway! 
Who’s the person you want to give thanks to in 2021? Or what makes you feel thankful in 2021?👫
To encourage more thanks giving, we hold the Sovol Thanksgiving Giveaway.
No.3*7: $10 coupons.
Let's do something such as making dinner, gift, 3dprint, writing or drawing, etc to give thanks.
How to enter and win the giveaway?
✅🔖Record your thankgiving story in words, a picture or a video, and post it on Facebook or Youtube Tiktok or Twitter with hashtag #sovolthanksgiving.
Follow Sovol on Facebook:
We will read/watch your posts/videos, and pick up winners according to the content and reactions.
✅📍Follow Sovol on the platform you post is required.
🎈You could tag sovol to make sure we see your post!
⏰Time: 10:00pm( EST) Nov. 21th-10:00pm( EST) Nov.29th.
How to claim the prize:
We will post the winner list on the four platforms below and contact the winners by Dec. 2nd. Winners just need to provide us your phone, email and address for the shipment of the prize.




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Lascala Lisa

Chris Lascala helped peek my interest.. his constant support helped me make some epic things .. thankyou.. and Chris Lascala

Lascala Lisa
Steven Goettsch

This sounds fun.

Steven Goettsch

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