Sovol 3DPrint Week Giveaway 2022

🎉Exciting Moment! Let's celebrate the winners of the Sovol 3DPrint Week Giveaway👏🏻👏🏻 Are you on the winner list? Check below👇
🏆🏆 No.1(Sovol Big Enclosure):
Rodney Davis Jr.
✨✨No.2(Sovol 40W Laser Module):
Andy Hasbrouck
🎈🎈No.3(Sovol 20W Laser Module):
Tim Crook
Chris Mason
Renato M. Vieira
🎯🎯Bet Award(Filament Vacuum Bags):
Paul Nicholls
🌠🌠Engagement Award($5 Coupon):
Mitchell Cheung
Lisa Earnest
Drew Devine
Waseem Hyder
In Hwang
Nelson McKinley
Mason Paddie
Rick Norman
Dan Geoffroy
Patrick Williams
🎉👏🏻Congratulations! And thank you all for joining the giveaway and share your prints. Please pm May Young with your name, address, email and phone to claim your prizes🥰
We will plan more interesting giveaways to let more people join and win to enjoy the fun of 3dprint. Stay tuned😏
Sovol 3DPrint Week Giveaway Comes!
Do you print on your Sovol Printers or with your Sovol Products recently? If yes, show me your print below! If no, it's time to print and win the good equipments for your printers😉 
Engagement Award*10: $5 Coupon
🎯Bet Award*1: Filament Vacuum Bags

How to Enter:

☑️Follow Sovol on Facebook is required.
📷Comment under the Giveaway post with a picture/ video/ words showing your print on the Sovol printers or products
🍎(optional) people who react or comment under the NO.1 Winner's picture may win the Bet Award!
How to win:
We will pick up winners according to the content& reactions to your comment.
And people who react or comment under the NO.1 Winner's picture may win the Bet Award! The more you react, the more chance to win.
Share the post to your friends who own sovol products, the more share, the more chances to win!
9:00 PM( EST) Jan.18th- 9:00 PM( EST) Jan. 26th







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