Introduce: Sovol New Year's Gift 2021-2022

The New Year gifts sent from Sovol are designed and produced by the Palace Museum in China. There are two packages. One is boxed (shipped from the Czech Republic or the United States), and the other is tubed (shipped from China). 

Have a look at the applications of the gifts on youtube:

In China, we use pictures or beautiful words to decorate the house to show our characteristics and express ourselves. It's also apply to our decorations in New Year. To let you feel the Chinese New Year's Culture, we pick the traditional Chinese decorations as our new year's gift for you.

You could use some software such as google translate to scan the words on the items and learn more about them. There are many items and you could share them with your friends, families or neighbors. The gift includes:

1. A pair of Spring Festival couplets (The most important decoration. It includes two longest and one horizontal, written with wishes and blessings, and should be posted on both sides of the door.

2. Word of "福"(Fu)*5 ("福" means luck and happiness. The font you see were written by ancient Chinese emperors. You could post it on the middle of the door, or fish tank, cabinets, etc to pray for luck and happiness.)

3. Paper Cutting (Decorations for windows in tradition. It's pasted on windows or cabinets, it's pretty to paste it on glass windows)

4. Small Spring Scrolls (It's similar to couplets, but they are smaller and the content on it no need to be matchable to other scroll), you could pasted them on doors.

5. A pair of Door God Picutre( It's painted with a general guarding the gate and exorcising evil spirits). They are pasted on the door.

6. Card Listing (13 cards are included in the gifts sent from China only). You could hang the them on the Christmas tree, door handle or anywhere you like. 

7. Fortuna Picture ( It's only included in the gifts sent from China). It's also pasted on the door.

8. Last but not the least, the red packet, which is the children most look forward to. There are 5 red packets. You can put the New Year's money for the children in it, and then put it under the pillow where he sleeps the night before the new year, just like Santa Claus puts gifts for the children in the socks.

In China, we have the zodiac signs, such as dragon, horse, and tiger. Each year corresponds to a zodiac. 2022 is the year of the tiger. If the gift you receive is shipped from China, you can find tiger paintings in red envelopes and other decorations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year^^


Miki Langenbach

I used to visit China two or three times a year. I miss it a lot, the people, the colors, the spirit, the food, the traffic, the scenery and the smells. Now “China” comes to me, thank you so much. I will be looking forward to the year of the Tiger

Miki Langenbach

Thank you for the gift. It arrived on the 24th. I was wondering how the items were used but now I know. Happy New Year.


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