Find Hidden Egg and win Easter Surprise!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to our Find Hidden Egg event! 

Don’t get scrambled up! Before you get cracking, let’s hear the hard-boiled facts about this event.

We’re asking you to get into the spirit of the season by showing us your bright eyes to find all the hidden eggs from picture below, then write your final answer on the comment.

Find Hidden Egg

The contest runs from 21st April to 28th April, the answer will be published on 29th April, we’ll announce 10 winners randomly, each winner can pick one of the product from our website except 3D printer machine.

Tips: you can share this contest to your Facebook with hashtag #FindHiddenEgg, ask your family or friends for help.

Happy Easter, and best of luck!


Phil D.

i counted (and circled) 7 The real Easter egg is all that filament!

Phil D.

well, that is not an easy task for me, Lol. I can only find 8 egg in total


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