Sovol Refurbished SV01/SV02/SV03/SV04 3D Printers

US $139.00
  • SOVOL Refurbish 3D Printer 3dprinting  SV01
  • SOVOL Refurbish 3D Printer 3dprinting  SV01
  • SOVOL Refurbish 3D Printer 3dprinting  SV02
  • SOVOL Refurbish 3D Printer 3dprinting  SV03
  • Sovol Refurbished SV01/SV02/SV03/SV04 3D Printers

Sovol Refurbished SV01/SV02/SV03/SV04 3D Printers

US $139.00
US $139.00
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  •  ● 1-year Warranty & 14-day Return 

    Every printer comes with the warranty of 12 months, and we offer 14-day exchange/refund/return guarantee.
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The Status of Refurbished 3D Printers, all works like new

The Refurbished Printers all comes from customer's return. Some return printers are unused, but have some scratches, some are used, no problem, some are used and have little problem that customer are not willing to accept replacement part to fix it, then we fixed it by ourselves and had print test to make sure it finally work normally like the new. All those kind of printers , we call it " Refurbished 3D Printer" 

Why We Start to Sell Certified Refurbished 3D Printer

Actually we received message and email many times before about asking" Can I buy your return printer“, ” do you have return printer”, we always replied, "sorry we don't sell return printer". We understand that some people really want to buy a sovol printer at low price, even don't mind fix it if it has problem. So why not fix those return printer and provide it at low price that people can buy it. 


What Kind of people can buy Refurbished printer


The  refurbished 3d printer only cost the half of the new printer but works like new printer, it is a perfect choice for people who want to get SV01/SV02/SV03 at a very low price. As the price is very low, so it doesn't have 30 days return, but it still comes with 1 year warranty and lifetime tech support. The printer may have scratches and it may doesn't comes with the spare 200g filament and tools, if you don't mind, then go ahead with the refurbished printer!

Shipping and Service

Free shipping& No Tax
1 year warranty& Lifetime tech support