(This page mainly for machine, the document for accessories, please check out the related product page. About the firmware, it is suggested to flash the lastest one.)


Sovol Cura Slicer 

Sovol3D_Cura-1.3.0-win64.exe(18th July)

Sovol SV01PRO

Sovol SV01PRO User Manual 

Sovol SV01PRO Profile(using SV01 Profile)

Sovol SV01PRO Firmware


Sovol SV04

Sovol SV04 Cura Setting( Mac)

Sovol SV04 Manual 

SV04 V1.1.0 Latest Firmware (24th Jan 2022)

SV04 V1.0.9 Firmware (10th Jan 2022)
---SV04 Firmware also Works for SV04 PRO--

Sovol SV04 Firmware(Sept.30)

Sovol SV04 Mainboard Source code(27th Oct)

SV04 V1.0.9 Mainboard Source Code(10th Jan 2022)

SV04-V1.1.0 Firmware Source Code(18th Mar 2022)

Sovol SV04 SD Card

Sovol SV03

Sovol SV03 User Manual (2021-3-15)

Sovol SV03 PLA Cura profile 

Sovol SV03 Firmware

SV03 Touch Screen Firmware( 16 points leveling  2021-11-18)

SV03 Touch Screen Firmware( 25 points leveling  2021-11-18)

Sovol SV03 Source Code (2021-2-16)

Sovol SV02

Sovol SV02 Source Code

Sovol  SV02 User Manual Guide (English)

SV02 0.2mm.curaprofile

Sovol SV02 PLA Cura Profile

Sovol SV02 Marlin 2.0  Firmware (With bl touch&  No BL) Update 12th Nov

Firmware for Mixcolor extruder kit (Update 23th Nov)

BL TOUCH User Manual for SV02


Sovol SV01

Sovol SV01 PLA&TPU Cura Profile

BL TOUCH User Manual for SV01

Sovol SV01 User Manual Guide (English)(2021-12-15)

Sovol SV01 User Manual Guide (Spanish)

Sovol SV01 User Manual Guide ( German)

Sovol SV01 User Manual Guide (Dutch)

Sovol SV01 User Manual Guide (French)

Sovol SV01 Marlin 2.0 Firmware & Source Code (Without BL Touch)

Sovol SV01 Firmware Source Code (Touch screen installed 3th Nov)

Source code for the mainboard (Touch Screen Installed 12th Nov )

Sovol SV01 Touch Screen firmware (2021-11-18)

Touch Screen User Manual 

Sovol SV01 Marlin 2.0 Firmware & Source Code (With BL Touch)

SV01 Extruder kit

 (NOTE: Before customize the firmware, please make sure you won't have any problem with it, Sovol3d is unable to provide replacement for the damage caused by upgrading or modifying the parts and firmware from the third party. )

Sovol Laser Module(for 500mw output only)

Sovol Laser Engraving Manual

G Code Files for Laser Engraving Test

Software Laser Grave

Test Code ( Z hop 100mm)

Upgrade Sovol SV03 Firmware (Laser Engraving)

Upgrade Sovol SV02 Firmware (Laser Engraving)

Z Stop Spacer STL for Sovol Resin Flexi Plate

Anycubic Mono 2.6mm 

Anycubic Mono SE

Anycubic Photon S 

Anycubic Photon 2.6mm

Anycubic Mono X

Anycubic Mono X 6K


Elegoo Mars Pro 2

Elegoo Mars

Elegoo mars Pro

Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k

Epax X1

Elegoo mars Saturn

Nova3D Elfin

Nova3d Bene4