Prize Quiz (SV01 PRO Screen)

🔥🔥Game starts! A Prize Quiz about Sovol SV01 PRO!
👀What info can you see from the pictures of the screen of the SV01 PRO below?
(❗️Tip: You can compare it with SV01 or any other printers, on features, User Interface, etc)
🎁The prize is 5 pcs harden nozzles (link in comment), with 1 winner for every 15 participants! 
🆙Winners would be picked by random draw and names of people who find more than 3 different points will be placed in the Wheel twice, so have more chances to win.
⏰Winners would be picked and announced at 9 pm(EST) on Tuesday (March 8th) in a live.
🥰Good Luck!



Charles Chapman

Do you think you will have this for the sv04?

Charles Chapman

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