Add LED Light for Sovol SV06 3D Printer

Many people hope that the 3d printer comes with the LED light, it helps you look the leveling condition and the print details more clearly even if your room light is dark. But at the price range of SV06, it is impossible to preinstall the LED light. To add the LED light for SV06 is easy, anyone can add it if you are interested. A customer shared the source to add the LED light, it is very cool. 


some interior car LED lights with sticky backs, 4 of them: from amazon

a DC to DC buck convertor to get the 12v:  from amazon


 Some 20g wire, set them in, soldered it all up. Turns on and off with the machine


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I have printed the stl linked above and I have 24VDC LED strips installed with 12AWG wire soldered to it. The question I have for the Author or others at Sovol is, where on the main board is this supposed to be connected? I have JST-XH connectors if it is needed, or do I just connect it to main power from the Power Supply? I also see a filament run-out sensor in the picture. What model would be appropriate to use and how is that connnected? Thanks


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