How to Engrave on Glass Material with Sovol SO-2 Laser Engraving Machine, Glass Laser Engraving Guide

You can many beautiful glass cups with special laser engraving picture on esty or amazon, their price can be from $12 to $60 , and they still have a large market. That can be proved that the  laser engraving on glass is popular and attractive.

Acctually those cups are easy to make,let us provide a full guide for you.

🛠Tools: Sovol  SO-2 Laser engraving machine or a Sovol Printer with laser engraving module, (or any other 3d printer which compatible with the laser module.       

goggles, masking tape,rotary roller
googles for laser engraving protection

water, water container.

dryer, paper, glass cup, 

1. Cut a part of masking tape and soak it in the water about 1 minute.

2. Attach the wet masking tape on the engraving area. Dry the masking tape and remove the bubbles until it is very flat.

3. Wear the goggles and adjust the focal length.
The different machines and different laser head has different focal length, about this, you should follow the related parameters to adjust the the focal length.

4. Laser engraving. The engrave speed can be 7-10 mm/s
Set the engrave speed on the laser engraving software lightburn or laserGRBL or Creality Workshop

5. After it is done. put the glass item in the water to soak about 3 minutes.

6.Use the spatula to remove the masking tape.


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