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The hotbed shows -15°

1. Measure whether the resistance value of the hotbed thermistor is normal. Please feedback the resistance value after measurement for our judgment (it must be measured at normal room temperature, preferably with feedback pictures).
(Method of testing the resistance value: turn the gear of the multimeter to the 200KΩ gear, and put the measuring pen of the multimeter on the terminal of the thermistor wire. Refer to the picture, the method of the nozzle thermistor is the same as that of the hotbed thermistor.)
2. Measure whether the resistance value of the heating line of the hotbed is normal. Please feedback the resistance value after measurement for our judgment  (preferably feedback pictures).
(Method of testing the resistance value: turn the gear of the multimeter to the 200Ω gear, and place the measuring pen of the multimeter on the two wires of the nozzle heating pipe. Refer to the picture.)

3. Measure whether there is an output voltage at the hotbed thermistor port on the motherboard.


Frozen Screen

If the Touchscreen of the SV04 freeze and stuck on the progress bar after booting up, please follow the steps below to fix the problem.

1. Power Supply Voltage: Check whether the power supply voltage is suitable for the local power Voltage.

2. Wiring: Please check whether there is any looseness or damage appear on the wiring of the Touchscreen. And please replug it first and make sure it is firmly connected.

3. Rename the mainboard firmware to cover the previous mainboard firmware. Like rename the original name to aaa.bin to refresh the firmware again.

Flashing Firmware Tutorial:

Firmware Download:


When turning the machine on, the loading screen comes up on the touchscreen and just stays stuck there. The loading bar doesn't even move at all

We recommend that you flash the firmware:


Fan Not Rotating

Mainboard Fan does not rotate.

1. Check if there is any looseness or damage appear on the wiring of the fan in the mainboard.

2. Use a multimeter to test whether there is 24V at the fan port of the mainboard.

If there is voltage appears, then it should be the problem with the mainboard. If there is no voltage appears, then it should be the problem with the mainboard fan.

Please feedback us about the problem you encounter and the troubleshooting you have done. We would arrange replacement for you to fix the problem.

Fan in the extruder does not rotate.

NOTE: Two fans in the extruder, one is blower fan(cooling the model), only works when the printer is printing; second is the cooling fan(for hotend), it works when the printer starts up.

If the fans in the extruder does not work as usual, please provide a video of the malfunctioning fan and also with the serial code underneath the hotbed with us. We would confirm the problem and provide you with replacement.


Fan Noise

If there is a abnormal noise appear on the printer, please confirm whether it comes from mainboard or the extruder.

1. Check whether there are any debris or wires interfering the fan rotation. If so, please clean them out and tidy the wiring up first.

2. Check whether there is any damage appear on the fan blades. If so, please feedback us with the photos.

3. Check whether there is any deformation appear on the fan cover and the bottom of the gantry.

4. Check whether there is any screw looseness appear on the fan cover. If so, please tighten it again.

Please follow the steps above for troubleshooting and provide result and a video of the noise with us. We would confirm the problem and provide correct solutions or replacement(if needed) on this issue.


SV04 Not Reading SD Card

If the SD card can not be read by the printer, you may encounter one of the problems listed below.

1. Incorrect Name of the STL. The name of the STL should not exceed more than 16 characters and with no special symbols.

2. Problem With the SD Card.

-The SD card should be formated to the FAT32 format;

-The memory of the SD card should be less than 16GB;

-Check whether the SD card can be read by the computer;

-Use alcohol or an eraser to wipe the metal antenna of the SD card and try again to see if it can be read.


Extruder Collision

If you encounter the problem with extruder collision, please refer to the steps below to check with the firmware, and the printing mode first.

1. Mode Selecting: Make sure that the mode selected in the slicer is the same as the one selected on the printer, and check whether the placement of the model exceeds the range of the build size.(Do not forget to select the print mode on the printer)

Introduction on the 5 Print Mode of the SV04

2. Firmware Version: Check whether the firmware of the mainboard is V1.1.0 and whether the firmware of the Touchscreen is 2.0. If not, please refer to the video to refresh both the mainboard firmware and the Touchscreen firmware first.

Note: Refresh the mainboard firmware before refreshing the Touchscreen firmware, otherwise it would cause a display freezing problem.)

And if the collision still happens after refreshing the latest firmware, please feedback us whether the collision happens before the printing,or during the printing,or after the printing. And provide us with the video and the above information,we will arrange correct suggestions for you.


Layer Shift

If the printing has serious layer shift, please refer to this vide for offset adjustment.

And refer to this video to level the hot bed.

And there is still serious layer shift on the printings after the adjustment, please feedback the problems and photos of the printings with us.


Unstable/Decreasing Fan Speed

If the fan in the extruder does not working normally, and the speed of the fan is unstable or the fan speed decreases during printing, there might be something wrong with the power supply. Follow the steps below to do a troubleshooting and see if it needs a power supply replacement.

1. Test if there is a stable 24V at the output port of the power supply.

2. Heat up the nozzle to 230 degrees to see if there is any error appears on the display.

Please feedback the results with us with photos or videos. A power supply replacement can solve the problem.


Printing temperature fluctuation

If the printing temperature fluctuates a lot during the printing, it may be the problem with the PID value. It is recommended that you restore the printer to factory setting and refresh the firmware first.

If the problem still goes on after the suggestions above, please feedback us with the result.


Printing Halt Only With Loading Screen Left

If there is a problem with the multiple printing halt during the printing and with only loading screen left, it might be the problem with the mainboard and power supply. Please follow the steps below to provide information with us to confirm the problem.

1. Turn off the power supply and check whether there is any looseness or damages appear on the cables of the power supply and the mainboard.

2. Check whether the resume printing will appear after the sudden halt.

3. Try to refresh the firmware again, both mainboard firmware and touchscreen firmware need to be refreshed.

4. Take a picture of the display interface and also a picture of the extruder position with us after the printing halt.

Feedback us with the results and we will confirm the problem and provide you with correct solutions.


Fialment Stuck in The Extruder

If there is a piece of filament stuck in the extruder and hard to pull it out, then you can try to release the screws that fixing the throat first, and take off the hotend kit. Then disassemble the parts of the extruder and use a lighter to heat up the position where the filament stuck in the extruder to soften the filament. After that, try to use a wrench or other tools to pull it out.


Filament Detector Sensor

Malfunctioning Filament Detector Sensor: If the status indicator flashing irregularly or not lits after inserting the filament, it might be the problem with wire looseness or damages in the Detector sensor.

Please check with the wirings of the Detector sensor first to see if there is any looseness or damages appear on the wirings. And please also provide a video of the problem with us, we would provide correct solutions and replacement parts for you to fix the problem.


Z Offset Changes After Changing Print Mode

If there is a slight Z offset/nozzle position change after changing the printing mode to print, we can follow the steps below to make it right.

1. Restore the printer settings to factory settings and clear the previous leveling data first.

2. Completely loosen the leveling nuts under the four heated bed plates, and then re-adjust the tightness of the nuts(or roughly the same height).

3. Refer to this tutorial to relevel the hotbed

If the problem still goes on, please feedback us the result.


Extruder Clogging

Clogging issue might appear when the cooling is not sufficient or a malfunctioning motor.

If the clogging happens very often, we recommend that you refer to the steps below to make a adjustment and feedback us with the related information.


Two Main Reasons With the Clogging Issue.

- The cooling effect of the fan is not good, which causes the filament to soften and cause blockage at the position pointed by your picture.

- There might be some problems with the motor, causing the motor temperature to overheat during printing, and the cooling effect of the fan cannot keep up, resulting in the filament being softened and blocked at the extrusion position and cannot be extruded.


1. If the filament stuck in the extruder seat, please try to swap the other cooling fan of the second extruder to see if the clogging still happens. If not, then it should be the problem with the cooling.

2. Swap the other extrusion motor to the one that often gets clogging to see if the clogging still happens. If not, then it should be the problem with the overheating motor.

3. If the clogging issue happens in the nozzle, then please test whether there is 24V on the output Voltage of the mainboard.

4. Try to refer to this video to clean or change a new nozzle to see if the problem still appears.

5. Test the voltage of the thermistor to see if it is stable or not.


The outlet works but getting no power to the printer

1. Does the power supply voltage gear meet the local voltage?
2. Check whether the fuse at the power switch is damaged, refer to the picture.
3. Check whether the mainboard, power supply and power switch, and all cables related to power supply are firmly inserted and damaged.

You can refer to the video to measure the power supply output voltage:

4. Does the mainboard light up after you use the USB cable to power on?

Link to ultimaker cura software:


How to set up dual color in the slicer?How to choose what parts get 2nd color?

Please refer to the video:


The specs/dimensions of the film holders that sit on top of the SV04

Film holders_150×43×21_SPCC_T1.5_Black_Sand grain powder spraying



When setting up the SV04, how to get the filament through the filament sensor?

It’s ok as long as the filament passes through the hole.


Hot bed bending measurement method

1. First take off the glass bed and put it on a flat surface, then measure it with a ruler to see if there is any bending.
2. Remove the four leveling nuts under the hot bed, and measure the hot bed and the bottom slider plate respectively with a ruler. Check whether there is bending, refer to the picture.
3. For parts with unevenness, please send back the bending picture (must be the picture of bending after removing the leveling nuts).


How to get the slicing software for MacOS on the SV04 SD card?

You can download Ultimaker Cura and import the SV04 configuration file.

Configuration file:

Tutorial video:


Michael S McCune

I printed and all the sudden the fillament stopped being fed into the extruder. The big Wheel stopped rotating if you push it with your finger it will move but only for half a rotation and it stops.

Michael S McCune

Love the S 04 but after having to take apart the feeder to clear a clog the right extruder is out of alignment to the point if I try to Print in duplicate or mirror it Prints off the bed about 5-7 cm to the right. I did get an error screen that said “Auto Home Failed The printer needs to be reset.” With a tip to check stepper motors and stops Is there a link or video that shows how to do this step by step? I am new to 3D printing and am not a coder so simpler the better I did not see a reset option in the menu like other printer have. Maybe this shop be added to the on board software in future of use new amateur users


My sovol sv01 pro does not leave the home screen, how do I solve it?


I bought the SV04. What is the replacement part for an Extruder Thermistor ? Thank you.

Olaf Gohl

Hallo, Ich habe gleich zwei Probleme mit einem neuen SV04: 1. Das Bett ist in der Mitte immer zu niedrig, egal wie man die Stellschrauben auch versucht einzustellen 2. der rechte Extruder transportiert des Firmament nicht, die Schraube muss schnell mit Gewalt angedreht werden, damit er überhaupt etwas bewegt und dann auch nur unregelmäßig. Wie ist das zu lösen? Dies ist schon der 2. Drucker, beim Ersten war der SD-Beer defekt. Bin allmählich doch etwas enttäuscht von dem Qualitätsstandard oder der Qualitätsskontrolle des Druckers mit freundlichen Grüßen

Olaf Gohl

Got no answer on our two mails to on our new not working SV04 – what to do???


What is the speed at default (100) in mm/s ? And when the speed is set at 50, is it half the speed from 100 ?


Bonjour Mon lit de verre est pas droit il y a un creux au milieu est ce normal ?


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Tim Holyoake

my new SV04 wont read sd card as it wont fit in. lose . Where do I send it for repair?

Tim Holyoake

Bed leveling issue where the center of bed is always low even when corners are all good after many attempt. How do I fix it

Tim Holyoake

My new SV04 wont read SD card. wont go all the way in. wont click in. very lose in slot. Tried every position but no luck? Need address to send it to for repair or replacement Kind regards Tim Holyoake. +61 455029194

Tim Holyoake

I can’t level the right extruder. Although both extruders are on the same rail, the right extruder is lower on the left side (position 2 and 5 while leveling with scratching the paper) than on the right side (position 3 and 4). At the same time the left extruder scatches the paper on the left and right side with the same force. So I can’t level the right extruder correctly and e.g. using the copy mode always ends that the right extruder prints in the air. What’s wrong with the printer, can I adjust this?

Andrew Sandoval

The Cura version you are using is ancient. Is it possible to use the SV-04 with Cura 5? Is there a settings file, and can it do the IDEX features?

Andrew Sandoval
Jarrod Heiner

I am getting the following error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Power Cycle required ! Wrong values from the thermistor Failed mainboard or damaged thermistor could be the causes Please check these components .

Jarrod Heiner

How do I update the firmware from Cura on a Mac? I installed BL touch and I need to update the firmware for this. When I try to update firmware in Cura to the printer it doesn’t make a connection to the printer over USB

Luciano Mancusi Coelho

Good afternoon! In double mode, the purge towers automatically generated by the slicer, have several beds in white leaving the rest of the tower floating, how can I solve this? Thanks!

Luciano Mancusi Coelho
Wolfgang Brunnthaler

ist für den Drucker auch eine deutsche SW und Bedienungsanleitung verfügbar?

Wolfgang Brunnthaler
Sean Franklin

The “how to get slicing software for macOS” could use some work. The download file is a .rar, which macOS doesn’t recognize so download something from the App Store like “The Unarchiver” to get that. The video link is broken, but presumably it’s the same as the .MP4 file in the download… but that file shows Windows, not Mac. So: On a Mac, open the Finder and Command-Shift-G, and enter path ~/Library/Application Support/cura/{version} – my version is 5.2 but that’ll change of course. In there, are the “definitions” and “extruders” folders for the definition & extruder files from the download.

Sean Franklin

Sovol is horrible for technical support. I am seriously considering sending mine back because of how poor their support is.


I had a print collide with the print head and tear the part cooling fan shroud off. I have searched and can not find a replacement. Where can I get a replacement for the SV04, it was the left one and it was 3D printed.

Robert L Fox Sr

were can i get the newest firmwear for solvo 4 thank you

Robert L Fox Sr

Issues with axis positioning after power out. position measurement are way off compare to move tool display, especial with my second IDEX. when I switch from 1 IDEX to 2 IDEX for auto leveling it moved to the side in stead of middle, that casing the motor made a very loud stepping noise and froze the touch screen with warning “Auto-Home failed! The printer needs to be reset. Tips: check stepper motors and end stops for any disconnection or damages.”


Can someone explain how to fix my SV04 Z-Axis problem, for some reason the Z-Axis goes up but won’t go down, I’ve tried leveling the bed and doing a firmware flash and it hasn’t resolved the issue.

robert piotrowski

Can someone verify which way the SV04 air flow should be on the extruder fan? towards the extruder radiator? or away?

robert piotrowski

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