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Sovol SO-1 Assembled XY Plotter / Writing/Drawing Machine

US $199.00US $239.00
  • Sovol3D SO-1 Assembled XY Plotter
  • Sovol3D SO-1 Assembled XY Plotter
  • Assembled XY Plotter Pen Drawing Machine
  • Pen Writing Machine Handwriting Robot Kit
  • Sovol3D SO-1 Pen Writing/Drawing Machine
  • Sovol3D SO-1 Assembled XY Plotter Control Console
  • Sovol3D SO-1 Assembled XY Plotter Works Show
  • Sovol3D SO-1 Assembled XY Plotter Works Show 2

Sovol SO-1 Assembled XY Plotter / Writing/Drawing Machine

US $199.00US $239.00
US $199.00US $239.00
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Laser Engraving engraver &cutter &pen plotter 3-1 machine 

Sovol SO-1 Pen Plotter

Sovol SO-1 is a creative machine which can help you achieve some creative project or help you finish some complicate and same writing work or drawing work to free your hands. You can use it to draw or write whatever you want, with different pen, color, different front. It will make you be a artist, even though you don't have any drawing experience, through this machine, you can make a lot of creative staff to decorate your house, your favorite items, or make unique gifts for friends and family. 

Technical Specifications

  • Writing Size
    A4 size, 210x297mm
  • Control Software
    Inkscape SO-1 1.0
  • Pen Travel Speed
  • Pen Draw Speed
  • Continuous Working Time
    8 Hours
  • Pen Type
    Pencil,Maker,Fountain Pen,Color Pen,etc
  • Supported Materials
    Paper, Cardboard, Floor, Notebook,etc
  • Stepper Motor
    Creality 42-34
  • System Support
    Window XP/7/8/10, Mac OS
  • Power Input
  • Working Voltage
    DC 12V
  • G-Code Download
    Click here to download the G-Code Collection
  • Installation Guide

Dimension and Weight

  • Product  Size
  • Package Weight



● Made of 6061 aluminum plate, light and solid
● Creality 42-34 Stepper Motor & Marlin firmware
● 95% Pre-assembled already
● Support Windows and Mac OS system
● Support TF card & Micro USB, can use offline
● With independent controller (screen & knob)
● Inkscape SO-1 1.0 is recommended as operating software