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Sovol Sv01 3D Printer Direct Drive Extruder 280*240*300mm Meanwell Power Supply

US $269.00US $349.00
  • 22% OFF sovol sv01 3d printer, direct drive 3d printer
  • sovol sv01 3d printer, direct drive 3d printer
  • Sovol Sv01 3D Printer Direct Drive Extruder 280*240*300mm Meanwell Power Supply
  • direct drive extruder, geared extruder
  • Bl touch
  • strengthen and widen X axis
  • tempered glass build platform
  • removable tempered glass
  • meanwell power supply
  • sovol sv01 3d printer kit

Sovol Sv01 3D Printer Direct Drive Extruder 280*240*300mm Meanwell Power Supply

US $269.00US $349.00
US $269.00US $349.00
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Sovol Sv01 Direct Drive 3D Printer 95% Pre-Assembled

Sovol 3D Printer devote to create new 3D World. Best Direct Drive Extruder bring you perfect printing experience.Resume printing and filament detector, thermal runaway protection, large hand-twist gear, Meanwell power and cable management , one piece structure, full metal fream, which make you prior to most other 3D Printer player.

Direct Drive Extruder

Direct Drives provides more accurate extrusion and faster retractions.
Low weight design means that it won't slow down your printer, leaving you free to print easily and reliably. Supports multiple 3D printing filaments:PLA / TPU / Cooper/ABS. It prints clean and beautiful.

Gym product
Gym product

Meanwell Power Supply

Built-in branded Meanwell power supply ensures stable and sufficient power, heat up the hotbed and nozzle fast. Certified power supply also can protect your printer from unexpected power surges. 

Dual Z-axis Design

Two Z-axis screws and stepper motors drive the vertical axis of the SV01, improving accuracy and precision,
Resulting in a specified Z-axis accuracy of 0.001mm. add a "pro" level to the printer. 

Gym product
Gym product

Auto-leveling Sensor Location

This is one of the most popular 3D printer upgrades, but not for everyone,
it’s a good idea to not add to the printers price with a feature many people won’t want, while making it easy to
upgrade for those that do want to. 

Gym product

Tempered Glass Build Plate

Providing a superior gripping surface that negates the need for glue or
hairspray while also making prints pop off with ease once they have cooled to room temperature.

Gym product

Thermal Runaway Protection

So many 3D printers do not have this basic safety feature, to ensures your 3D printer stops sending power to heating elements in the event of an error. This can prevent catastrophic overheating.

Gym Product

Widen X-axis Frame

Stable Printing Process. Aluminum Frame. High strength aluminum excursion. Enhanced stability and reliability. Part of the sheet metal with lively color in light blue.

Gym Product

Resume Printing  

In the event of a power outage, whether a tripped fuse or an accidental unplugging, the SV01 will simply ask you if you want to resume from where it stopped. Again, this is a print-saving feature that can easily save you from canning hours of printing.


Clean Cable Mangement

Motherboard and power supply placed at the sheet metal base. Further Simplified structure means fast assembly and easy adjustment. More safety.


Filament Detector

In the event of your filament running out too soon, the SV01 will detect this and pause your print so you can fit a new spool of filament and resume the print, saving you from failed print disaster!

Package Included

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Printing Model

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Sovol is devoted to offering premium quality products to all cherished customers. Meanwhile, supply 45 days money-back guarantee and 18 months warranty. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us, Sovol Customer Service Team will spare no efforts to assist with you within 24 hours.

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