Sovol Sv01 3D Printer Direct Drive Extruder 240*280*300mm Meanwell Power Supply

US $349.00
  • sovol sv01 3d printer
  • sovol sv01 3d printer
  • direct drive extruder, geared extruder
  • direct drive feed
  • Bl touch
  • strengthen and widen X axis
  • tempered glass build platform
  • removable tempered glass
  • meanwell power supply
  • large print size, sv01 3d printer direct drive
  • sovol sv01 3d printer kit

Sovol Sv01 3D Printer Direct Drive Extruder 240*280*300mm Meanwell Power Supply

US $349.00
US $349.00
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Direct Drive Feed
• Easily to print. Low weight design will not slow down your printer, leaving you to print reliably. 
• Support multiple 3d printing filaments: pla/tpu/cooper/abs.It prints clean and beautiful.                  

Allow sufficient space for BL touch installation
• Optional Add-on BL Touch Bed Leveling(By yourself).
•Easy to install, test and print. 

Dual Z lead screws, add a "pro" level to the printer.
•More powerful and brings more accuracy for leveling.

Meanwell Power Supply & Cable Management
• Fast Heat up the hotbed. Up to 110°C
• It all gives nice electrical protection.    


• Printing Size:   240x280x300mmm
• Precision: ±0.1mm
• Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
• Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm/1.75 mm
• Nozzle Temp.: ≤250℃
• Bed Temp.: ≤100℃
• Working Mode Online or SD Card offline
• File Format: STL, OBJ, AMF.
• Slice Software: Cura、Simplify3D
• Board Version: ATmega2560
• Input:AC 115-230v 50-60Hz
• Output : DC 24V 350W
• Machine Power: 270W
• Heat Bed Power: 220W
• X/Y/Z-axis Resolution: 0.012mm,0.012mm,0.001mm
• Product Weight: 9.8KG
Sv01 1.1.6 Firmware(2016.06.21)
BL Touch V3.0 for Sv01
Sovol Sv01 User Manual (2019.06.21)