Warranty coverage

1. The following accessories are not included in the warranty coverage ( unless damaged by transportation): platform sticker; platform forming plate; acrylic cover; card reader and TF card; platform glass; USB cable; filament; rack and tools, etc.

2. Profile: Small blemishes in the black paint due to testing or shipping are not covered in the premise that the blemish does not affect normal use;

3. Nozzle assembly (nozzle, heating block, throat pipe , heat sink, Teflon tube, etc.) warranty period is 3 months. If damage occurs after the warranty expires, you will be responsible for replacement;

4. 12 Month Warranty on the motherboard and 3d printer. The free warranty maintenance is provided by the original factory over the warranty period. After Warranty expires, original factory maintenance is available, but the customer is responsible for shipping and maintenance costs;

Not included in warranty coverage:

1. It will be difficult to provide an effective warranty service if you can not provide a correct serial number;

2. The whole machine and components exceed the warranty period;

3. Equipment failure or damage caused by unauthorized modification of the equipment (private modification includes:
a) modification of the nozzle assembly; b) modification of the machine structure; c) use of third-party components;
d) use of third-party firmware procedures or change the original Factory firmware program, etc.);

4. Equipment failure or damage due to incorrect installation and use;

5. Equipment failure or damage caused by use in a non recommended working environment specified by this manual
(Unstable, dusty, moisture);

6. Equipment failure or damage due to improper use (beyond workload, etc.) or maintenance;

7. Equipment failure or damage due to the use of other branded components or other inferior consumables.

Replacement requirement

1. The appearance of the product is intact, without damage, cracks, deformation, etc.;

2. Machine is complete including all parts, tools, original box, and foam padding;

3.Provide the valid picture or videos to prove that the part was broken. 

3. Provide a valid purchase invoice, product numbers should be the same.