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Like speed is there, I know there are plenty of hobbists that want the ability to go fast, there's also the case of people who have lots of orders in etsy shop and if they can go faster at speed then those people can more faster like more objects can be printed faster which means they wouldn't have as much of lead time on product that they're offering in their etsy shop but for all intents and purposes there's a good chance as a comsumer the only reason that you want speed is because it's cool. You could really have a lot of fun with this machine. Just like with any quote lower cost 3D printer you always have the ability to go beyond what the manufacturer does and in this case it does give you the neat hardware to be able to test the limits and possibly go faster.

By 3D Printing Nerd

For my test prints, I played a lot with max print speed, but maintaining the best print quality and even with an external blower, colling was still the major bottleneck, here required layer speed slowdown on delicate parts so my profile isn't quite fast as a cura speed benchy but it's still quick. The white pla doesn't show any details so I printed the same file again in a blue pla plus and the results was stunning. Then to torch test this machine, I threw my lattice cube torture test at it. It actually printed almost perfectly. It is actually one of the best looking lattice totore cubes I've ever done. The Sovol SV07 really does represent pretty good value for what you get a fully capable web interface and a printer that performs as good as this.

By Maker's Muse

I think this printer should be a game changer for the 3D printing market, just like the SV06 has things shaken things up in a market niche that was pretty much dominated by Creality and their clones. You see up until now, all of the budget opotions in the SV07's price range have either run Marlin, or in the case of the BQ hurricane, haven't really been all that good. But here for what I think is probably the first time we have a budget 3D printer perfet for beginners, which runs unmodified, unlocked, open source version of klipper out of the box. This means that an entire new generation of 3D printing enthusists, beginner and advanced alike, will be able to get their hands on a klipper machine, learn the ropes, tweak and customize it as they learn, in a way that something like that Creality Sonic Pad simply doesn't allow.

By The Next Layer

I supposed you want a summery before pack up and go do something else, there is. Abosolutely, there's nothing wrong with this machine cofig code changes not undstanding unless they have fixed by now.I've reviewed three klipper machine now. This one is the easiest to get working out of the box, I imagine I'm getting better at it too, but it kind of mostly just works and the menus are logical and the network setup is normal. They don't have to prove it's better than Hurakan for $400. they have to prove to the buyer that this SV07 is better than Qidi smart 3 for $400, more maintainable and more reliable.

By Lost in Tech

I always have good experience with Sovol, I started with the SV01, it's been a long time, I tested SV06, I always have good experience. SV07 is marked print benchy in 25 minutes and the first benchy is really takes 25 minutes and it's very beautiful. I was impressed and I said wow. The second print is a bowl with lot little holes in it, it requires crazy retraction. It takes 5 hours to print, which is suprising, the print is supper good.

By Le GüeroLoco

A few things which I really like on this printer and for example, a two sided text PEI sheet, additional cooling fan, backlash nuts on Z lead screw, dual independent z axis, klipper and screen are great, we have a lot of control over the printing. Tool box, LED and all metal hotend which is able to heat up to 300℃. Using polymaker light blue pla to print benchy, it takes 23mins 45s, the print quality is accpectable, not perfect but good for 24mins benchy.

By My Tech Fun

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By Rory Game