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SV06 is an I3 style 3D printer using linear rods with a pretty unique direct drive system and all metal hotend the printer was not perfect but for under 300 it was hard to deny the value compared to similar price 3D printers on the market shortly after Sovol reached out letting me know they were expanding on the SV06 line with a larger SV06 Plus asking if I was interested in testing out the printer I covered my thoughts on large I3 style 3D printers recently and the 300 by 300 millimeter bed of the silver SV06 Plus is right at the maximum of what I typically recommend I do get requests fairly often for large 3D printers on a budget and I agreed to test the printer it's been a month and a half since I first set up this printer and it has been quite the experience with some ups and downs along the way so in today's video we will be diving into the Sovol SV06 Plus.

By Modbot

This is a mid-size printer packed with almost all of the features you would expect from a mid-range machine let's take a quick look at the features it comes with a 300x300x340 mm print volume and the motion system uses linear rods on the X Y and duals the axes. There are no leveling knobs underneath the bed and it uses an inductive sensor for auto bed leveling it also uses an all-metal planetary direct extruder a print surface a 32-bit board and Silent stepper drivers. When you take a closer look at this machine you can see that it's not just a pumped up version of the sp06 there have actually been a lot of other new upgrades. Larger print volume, a touch screen, 450 watt PSU, filament sensor, spinnable spool holder, the heater block has been changed to a volcano style one and there is also a volcano style thread mk8 nozzle.

By Aurora Tech