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Questions & Answer

How to Update the Firmware?

Download the files from our website and copy to your USB Drive or SD Card, then restart the machine. After the machine progress bar is completed, the firmware is refreshed. Note: please delete the firmware in the SD card before the machine is used normally. Otherwise, the firmware will be refreshed each time when started the machine.

How will i be notified about new firmware?

You could join our customer group on Facebook. We will release the latest firmware and the information on the page. In addition, your name and email address will allow us to stay in touch with you. Automatic update notification to alert you via email when new software updates are available.

Can i unplug the USD Card after print has started?

If you are printing from the SD card, you can unplug the USB cable from your printer after the print has started. The firmware will continue printing the file on the SD card. In addition, if you are using a machine that transfers the entire print file before starting the print, you may also unplug it since there is no more information to transfer.

Can it be used with 3rd party or will it be proprietary?

It is not proprietary. You can use with other slicer software, such as Cura, Simplify 3D and Repetie-Host. And the printer can implement fully compatible interface with Marlin firmware