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The Installation Guide of Sovol Upgrade Magnetic Flexible Plate

by Annie Yang 13 Nov 2020 3 Comments

Parts list:

1.Flexible Steel Plate - It is attached with the build surface.

2.Magnetic base-Good adhesion with 3M adhesive.

3.Build surface-With“Sovol 3D”logo and high temp caution.


Installation Guide:

Before installation, please check if the size of the product fit your build plate, if not, you may need to contact us to replace the correct product. If yes, please continue the steps below.



  • Clean your build plate with isopropyl alcohol to make sure there is no any resin or dust left on the surface, It must be clean and dry, that’svery important, otherwise, the magnetic base does’t work good. 
  • The most suitable temp to install the magnetic base is supposed to be 21℃-38℃,the most suitable humidity is supposed to be 40-60%.If the temp below 10℃,the adhesive will be too hard to stick on the stuff. If the temp in your city is below , please heat the magnetic base a little bit and then install. If it is already stuck, you can continue to use it, it will still have good stickness under the low temp.
  • Press the magntic base or heat the hot bed a little bit (38℃~54℃)will make it stick better.
  • Now, you can apply the the flexible steel plate on the magnetic base, please look at the direction of the smallhandle,it should face you.
  • You may need to adjust the z limit switch beforeinstalling, because the thickness of the magnetic base is about 2mm, it the z limit switch is very low, it may break your build surface, If you have bl touch, no need to care about it.




  • If your build surface is broken, you can replace the flexible steel plate with the build surface or order a build surface individually. Byt it will take time, not easy to replace the build surface 
  • If your magnetic base lost magnetism, you need to tear it off slowly, then you may need spatula and isopropyl alcohol on the 3M adhesive and remove it. It may spend a little time. In this process, be careful, do not get hurt.  After drying the hot bed, you can apply the new magnetic base, or other build plate.
  • If the bed is not level, the filament may stick on the build surface and can’t be removed. We suggest you wait it cool down and remove the filament wih spatula, or spray some alcohol to clean it. Then level the bed again.




  • Before using, check if the magnetic base and the flexible steel plate are clean. After confirming they are clean, you can apply the flexible steel plate on the magnetic base. Then check if the  magnetism is enough for fixing the flexible steel plate.The build surface has good adhesion, check out the recommend temp below.
  • Before printing, please level the bed, in case the nozzle scratch the build surface.
  • If you found that the model stick on the build surface hard, you can lower down the bed temp about 5℃, If there are still some filament left on the build surface after removing the model, you need to wait the hot bed cool down and remove it with spatula, When you print a large model, you will found that is very easy to remove the model. If the model is too small and not easy to remove, we recommended that you place the model off the center of the hot bed for printing. 


    Note: These settings are only for reference. Different filament may have features, we suggest you have the temp tower test to learn about the most suitable temp for your filament.








    Nozzle temp/℃





    Bed temp/℃





    Cooling fan









    If you have any other question, please watch our video about how to install Sovol magnetic flexible plate or contact us via facebook sovol3d or email, we will help you. Thanks for purchasing from us!






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