How to Print with Mix Color and Gradient on Sovol SV02? Official Tutorial

Set Mixer mode

(Before starting please make sure that you installed mix-color extruder kit on sovol sv02 and flashed the mix color printing firmware for the touch screen and mainboard. )

On the white frame, you can adjust the parameters of mixing color, the value can be among 0 to 100, the left one is for extruder 1, the right one is for extruder 2. During the printing, the pringing page will show the mode and the propotion of the mixing color.


Set Gradient Mode

On Mixer page, hit Actve V-tool , you can  adjust the parameters,the value can be among 0 to 15.

Hit Gradient, you can enter Gradient page, and hit Aisa V-tool to adjust the parameters, the value can be among 0 to 15. The value of Actve v-tool and Alisa V-tool should be same.

Start Z means the height of the  beginning. End Z means the height of the ending,

The value of Start Z should be less than the model. In the printing process, the page will show the mixing model and the mixing proption



Mode Change

During Printing , you can change the mixing color printing mode anytime. For example. you set gradient mode before printing, and in the printing process, you hit Adjust and enter Adjust page, then hit Mixer and enter Mix page to change the current mode and the mix color propotion.







Ive flashed the display with the settings for the mix color hotend. I have the button mix, but if i click there is only language change behind. No Mix settings. Pleas link the correct firmware.

Juan Chacón

Is it necessary to buy Dual Extruder Mix Color 2-in-1-out Hotend to do the gradient?

Juan Chacón

The original firmware flashed properly on my touchscreen (as far as I could tell), but according to support, there was an issue with either a configuration file or a filename contained a typo. I was getting frustrated and initially thought the problem was with the mainboard firmware, as the touchscreen was showing the “Mixer” option where “Language” previously existed, yet still showed the language selection screen. After a week or so, support contacted me again stating they had a new firmware directory for me to try for the touchscreen. I copied the extracted directory (it comes nested within another directory of the same name, so you have to copy the directory inside the initial directory to the root of the Micro SD card), and performed the flashing operation again (it looked exactly the same as previous attempts), and this time it worked! The “Mixer” option on the touchscreen now shows the color mixing options as expected. So if you have this problem, make sure you get the newest firmware, since the original was just problematic and didn’t work.


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