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by Claudia Sean 18 Jul 2022 13 Comments

The display never got past the initial startup screen

1. Please check whether the display cable is connected well and whether it is loose;
2. Does the device manager have no printer port? There are generally three situations.

2.1 The usb cable is not a cable for data transmission, please try to replace the usb cable.

2.2 The computer port is bad, please try another computer port.

2.3 Mainboard failure.


The nozzle axial flow fan is not working and the screen is white when you put the power on

Please re-flash the motherboard firmware and screen firmware.




The printer is stuck on the loading screen on the printer when it is powered on

1. Please check if the display cable is firmly plugged in at both ends.
2. Please reflash the mainboard firmware and display firmware.
Flash firmware tutorial:

3. Unplug all cables except the power cable and the display cable on the mainboard, and then turn it on again to see if it can be solved.


Reasons why filaments do not stick to the hot bed

1. The nozzle is too high from the hot bed, resulting in the filaments can not stick to the hot bed, being dragged by the nozzle. The solution is to re-level the nozzle from the glass plate an A4 paper thickness, then the nozzle and A4 paper have friction, the filamentscan be well adhered to the glass plate; or the hot bed is not flat enough, and there are depressions will also lead to filamentsdo not stick to the hot bed.
2. The temperature is not suitable. If the temperature is too low, the filamentswill be solidified when they flow out of the nozzle, and cannot be well adhered to the hot bed; if the temperature is too high, the filamentswill be carbonized and the nozzle will be blocked; generally, the pla material is 195-210 degrees; the temperature of the hot bed is At 40-60 degrees; and the cooling fan can be turned off in the first few layers.
3. The bottom layer printing speed is too fast. If the bottom speed printing too fast, filamentswill not have enough time to stick tightly in the glass plate; general bottom speed is in the 15-20 or so.
4. Reasons for filaments. Filamentsthat are damp or of poor quality will not stick to the heat bed.
5. You can try whether the z offset setting is normal, refer to the video; z offset step distance is very small, so you have to rotate the display knob more; adjust the nozzle to the distance of one A4 paper from the glass plate and have a sense of friction.
6. You can refer to the video leveling:, leveling at 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
7. There is a relatively small probability that your firmware has a problem, and the z offset value cannot be saved. You can try to refresh the mainboard firmware.

Firmware website:

How to update the firmware:, note that the firmware of the video is different from the firmware you need to update, but the steps are the same.


When preheating the machine to the necessary temperatures, the device went out and could not be switched on

It may be burned somewhere.

1. Disconnect the power supply first.
2. Check if the fuse is burnt out (the fuse is next to the power socket and can be seen by prying it out with a screwdriver).
3. Check whether all wires are broken or burnt.
4. Only the power supply cable and the display cable are kept on the mainboard, unplug the other cables and then turn on themachine to see.


The screen doesn't work, just the fan turns on

1. Please re-plug both ends of the display cable to ensure that it is firmly inserted.
2. Please check whether the device manager has a port after the computer is connected to the motherboard. If not, please replace a usb cable or try to plug it into another port.
3. If there is, but can not connect to the slicing program, please update the driver, you can refer to:
4. Or reinstall the driver. Connect the printer with the USB cable, open the device manager of your computer, uninstall the driver, and then reinstall the driver. Refer to the installation of the driver file tutorial: or download a similar to the "DevID Agent" driver repair software.


When turning the printer on, it resets the Y-Axis to an incorrect position

1. We recommend that you reflash the firmware. Firmware:
2. If flashing the firmware cannot solve the problem.
a. Compare the x motor wires to check whether the y motor wire sequence is consistent and whether the terminals are off.
b. Remove the x and y motors and exchange them for testing.


Cura can’t detect the 3D printer even you have added it in and the pc don’t recognize the printer

1. Please use prusa to refresh the firmware or update the driver:;
2. Because of the motherboard, SV02 cannot flash firmware through SD card, currently only SV04 and SV01 Pro support it. Please try another usb cable.
3. The screen firmware can be flashed via SD card, you need to remove the monitor case. The monitor motherboard has an SD card slot.
4. We recommend that you use prusa to refresh the motherboard firmware, or try to update the driver.
5., please refer to this for the refresh method, but the firmware is not necessarily the firmware you want to refresh.





The firmware for the SV02 with BLTouch

Firmware + Tutorials:


Dual-color mainboard and screen firmware

The mainboard firmware has the difference whether BL-TOUCH is installed or not.
Flash firmware reference tutorial:

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25 Mar 2023 Sergej

Hello, after the update, only one color works, the display only reacts sometimes, could it be that the firmware is broken?Can you get original firmware?


18 Mar 2023 Stephen N

I’ve had my SV02 for close to 2 years. Been working fine up until last week. It corrupted an sd card and no longer recognizes any sd card I have tried two other cards to verify. None have worked. Tried everything I could find on line including reformatting verifying it was in FAT 32. Cleaning the card, renaming the files. And nothing. Help please.

13 Mar 2023 Brandi M

I received this SV02 as a Christmas gift and have had nothing but problems since. As of now I can get all the way to the start up of a print, but then it just sits there not moving saying it’s heating up even thought it’s already at the temperature it’s supposed to be at. Nothing will print. It simply will not do anything. It will say heating in the top left corner for over an hour and nothing will happen.

31 Jan 2023 jaeseu

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05 Jan 2023 Jason

i added a bl touch and firmware update now my perfect prints are covered in blobs this printer out of the box was the best i own and have seen please help

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