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Thermistor Error

If your printer has triggerred a thermistor error, it might be something went wrong during the hot bed or hotend heating up.

1. A step to confirm whether the error caused by the hot bed or the nozzle. Heat up the hot bed to 80 degrees alone to see if would trigger the error.Then heat up the nozzle to 200 degrees alone to see if it would trigger the error.

2. Check if there is any looseness or damage appears on the wiring of the heating port from the mainboard.(Looseness of the wiring might be caused due to many reasons, like movement of the printer and etc.)

3. Check whether the power supply has been adjusted to meet the local voltage.

4. Swapping Test:Please exchange the heating wires of the hot bed and the nozzle on the main board to perform the heating test.

- If it is the problem with the hotbed heating up, then move the hotbed heating tube to the nozzle heating port on the motherboard, and set the temperature of the nozzle to 80 degrees and see if it would trigger the error.

- If it is the problem with the nozzle heating up, then move the nozzle heating tube to the hotbed heating port of the motherboard, and set the temperature of the hotbed to 80 degrees and see if it would trigger the error.

Note: A note when heating the hot bed:

Please note that when heating the hot bed, we can not put cold objects on the hot bed during the heating process or after the heating is completed, which is very likely to cause a sudden drop in the temperature of the hot bed and causing the thermistor errors;

For example, when we remove the cold soft magnet, then heat the hot bed, and then put the cold soft magnetic sticker on the heated hot bed. The temperature of the hot bed will drop sharply and causing the thermistor error.


Frozen Screen

1. SD Card: Check if there is any firmware type file (The motherboard firmware with the suffix bin and the screen firmware with the suffix diwn_set) left in the SD card before printing? If yes, please format the SD card to Fat32 format first.

2. If the problem still goes on, then refresh both motherboard firmware and touchscreen firmware again.


Abnormal Fan Noise

If there is a abnormal noise appear on the printer, please confirm whether it comes from mainboard or the extruder.

1. Check whether there are any debris or wires interfering the fan rotation.

2. Check whether there is any damage appear on the fan blades.

3. Check whether there is any deformation appear on the fan cover and the bottom of the gantry.

Please follow the steps above for troubleshooting and provide result and a video of the noise with us. We would confirm the problem and provide correct solutions or replacement(if needed) on this issue.


Not Reading SD Card

If the SD card can not be read by the printer, you may encounter one of the problems listed below.

1. Incorrect Name of the STL; The name of the STL should not exceed more than 16 characters and with no special symbols.

2. Problem With the SD Card;

-The SD card should be formated to the FAT32 format;

-The memory of the SD card should be less than 16GB;

-Check whether the SD card can be read by the computer;

-Use alcohol or an eraser to wipe the metal antenna of the SD card and try again to see if it can be read.


What material was the original heat shroud (the air guide) printed with?

The air guide is printed with PLA filament, you can make a few more spares.


SV01PRO flash firmware tutorial:


After installing the latest firmware, you are unsure how to get the printer to be recognized by your macbook M1

Connect the computer with the supplied usb cable and check if the device manager shows the port, refer to the picture. There is a display is connected.


The tutorial on disassembling the SV01PRO hotend to clear a clogged hotend

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