Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

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Since Chinese new year is approaching, we are here to inform that our office will be closed during 18th Jan-31st Jan (Beijing Time), if you have any urgent inquiry, you can reach us through Sovol Facebook Page.

What is the Chinese New Year story?

According to Chinese legend, there once lived a ferocious monster by the name of Nian.

It lived in the ocean, but at the end of the Lunar Year it would come ashore to terrorize villagers, destroying their property and eating any livestock - or children - that it could find.

To hide from this terrible monster, people would retreat to the mountains every New Year's Eve.

One year, as they were preparing to leave - boarding up their windows and packing their belongings - a strange old man wandered into the village. He was greeted by an elderly woman who told him about Nian, and urged him to come with the villagers to the safety of the mountains.

The old man refused to go, and instead told the woman that if she let him spend the night in her home, he would get rid of Nian for good.

The woman was unconvinced, but she agreed to leave the old man in the village, and fled to the mountains without him.

Alright, that is a part of the story, if you know the rest, leave your comment below, or share it on our social media platform, you may get a small gift from us. :) 

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